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By Megan Morris stageology home staging book If you're selling your home, you know the very real possibility that your house could be sitting on the market for months without an offer. You also know you may have to accept less money just to get it sold. But you may not know what you can do to prevent that.

Staging is the solution. In this home staging book, professional stager Megan Morris offers her tips for how to change the look of your house so buyers won't want to walk away without making an offer. Megan will show you how to look at your house through a buyer's eyes and see the things you might be missing that can make the difference in such a competitive market. With Megan's advice, you can transform your home to decrease the time it stays on the market and get top dollar—and it's all because of staging! You can't afford to miss this important information. Take a course in Stageology and get your house sold!




By the World's Leading Experts

By definition, a Trendsetter is not a follower. So, what is a Trendsetter? Is it a leader? Leadership can mean leading in thought, word or deed, or some combination of all three.

These are successful experts who made their mark and share with you how they and their concepts developed.

Can Trendsetting be emulated? Absolutely, but you, yourself, will have to personally work through the stages of thought, word and deed…just like these leaders have.


From Megan Morris & the World's Leading Real Estate Experts

Robert Louis Stevenson once said that everyone lives by selling something. This was a sage statement from a productive mind. The word SOLD has a vibrant ring for most of us. It is a pivotal word in the world of Real Estate, and one that generally pervades our entire economic existence. There are several meanings attached to the word SOLD - including, for example: a completed transaction, an idea that has been accepted, or acceptance of a final bid at an auction; it is, however, used primarily in an economic context.

So what are you selling? ...Houses? ...Commercial property? ...Investments? Regardless of whether you are an experienced salesperson, new to sales, or you wish to review the most contemporary concepts in today's real estate market, the ideas that these Celebrity Experts® bring to the table will be worth their weight in gold when you read and incorporate them into your daily work-schedule...

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