If your home is on the market, professional home staging should be one of your top priorities. Of course, if you’ve yet to initiate the process and need to take matters into your own hands, below are several steps you can take in the meantime. Just remember that, in most cases, a professional home staging expert can dramatically increase your sales price—so pick up the phone and make the call!


Clutter is always a bad thing when it comes to showing a home. Eliminate excess clutter and reorganize when necessary. Your home should look as clean, open, and welcoming as possible.

Utilize neutral colors.

While you have your own preferences when it comes to colors, it is important to recognize that many of your prospective buyers will have radically different tastes. Resist the temptation to paint your home to your taste, and instead utilize neutral colors that will maximize the appeal of your home to as wide an audience as possible.

Break the pattern with your wall hangings.

There are many stereotypical spots in a home to hang paintings, photos, and other items. Consider varying the height and the location of artwork and other hangings in order to help them stand out and truly impact the feel of each room.

Furniture layout.

The current layout of your living room probably feels comfortable to you and your family—but that doesn’t mean it’s the best layout for potential buyers to see. Group your furniture in arrangements that feel conversational, while still leaving plenty of room for traffic throughout the room. Doing so will make each room feel larger, while creating a welcoming and relational vibe throughout your home. The steps we’ve discussed above will give you a head start when it comes to selling your home. However, these strategies represent a very small piece of the pie when it comes to the services that professional home stagers can provide. If you would like to learn more about the value of home staging in terms of maximizing your sales price, please get in touch with us today! More Home Staging 101