Obviously, when you’re selling a home, your objective is to sell for the highest possible price. And while the approximate range is determined by a whole host of factors, many of which are out of your control, (location, square footage, etc), your approach to staging and showing your home can ensure that it sells for the highest possible price. Of course, doing a poor job in this area can have the opposite effect—so today, we’re going to cover three common mistakes that sellers make while showing their home to potential buyers. Avoid them at all costs! Strong odors. Obviously, unpleasant smells are a problem. But so is too much of any scent, no matter how pleasing it may be to you. Your best bet is to thoroughly clean your home and air it out as much as possible—ensuring a fresh, clean scent. Cigarettes, pets, and mildew are typically the worst offenders—and the problem is that, in many cases, you are so acclimated to the smell that you don’t notice it. If you’re working with a broker, they will let you know if odor is a concern—but if not, ask someone who doesn’t live in your home to give you their honest opinion. De-odorizing your home may seem like a huge task—but it’s essential. Busy Wallpaper. Busy wallpaper is a guaranteed “turn off” for most buyers… and even those who like a “busy” feel are rarely going to like the wallpaper you have chosen. Remember that you are marketing your home to the masses… so forget your personal taste and preferences and decorate your walls in a manner that will appeal to everyone. You guessed it—this means neutral colors. It may seem boring, but neutral colors allow your buyers to envision the home as they would decorate it. Dirty Bathrooms. This should be obvious, but unfortunately many sellers overlook the condition of their bathrooms. A thorough scrubbing is a must—and repainting as well as replacing your shower curtain and linens are usually a good idea as well. If you’re selling, or planning to sell, and you’d like to sell for maximum value without leaving your home on the market for months and months, give us a call today! More Home Staging 101