What does selling your home have in common with a job interview, a first date, and a movie trailer? In each of these situations, the first impression is everything. That’s why a job candidate spends hours getting ready—selecting the perfect outfit and making sure he or she looks their best. If you’ve been on a first date recently, no doubt you spent hours if not days trying to make the right first impression. And have you ever noticed that movie trailers are often more entertaining than the movie itself? That’s because film studios pore through hours of footage to come up with the best 60 seconds they can find—because it’s all about the first impression. If you are selling your home, the first impression it makes on a prospective buyer is every bit as important as the previous examples. Most buyers may not realize it, but by the time they’ve parked in the driveway, walked up to front door, and spent a couple of seconds inside, they have already formulated a powerful impression of the home—for better, or for worse. A great first impression doesn’t guarantee that the buyer will love the home, and a bad impression doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of an offer—but the first impression does go a long way. That is why professional staging experts focus primarily on creating the best possible impression. Below, we are going to discuss some of the tactics that are often utilized. To learn more, please contact us today! 1)     Pay special attention to the front yard and driveway. Many sellers don’t give a thought to the outside of their home—after all, it’s the house itself that counts, right? In reality, the “curbside appeal” of a home is very important. Take time to tidy up your driveway and have your yard looking its best. These are the first things your prospective buyers will notice—so send the right message! 2)     Consider baking cookies or cake. There is nothing like walking in the front door of a home and smelling the delicious aroma of fresh-baked cookies. In addition to smelling great, this will make your home feel welcoming and inviting—always great feelings to create! 3)     Focus on the lighting. The lighting of a room is rarely something that a buyer will consciously notice—but good lighting can completely change the feel of a room and a home. For starters, make sure to double-check all the bulbs in your home. A professional stager may add additional light or make other changes to maximize the appeal of each room. The first impression is everything when it comes to home staging. If you are preparing to sell your home, contact MHM Professional Staging today and let our team of experts bring out the best in your home. If you would like to learn more, give us a call today! More Home Staging 101